Q. How do I know if a lab or discussion section is limited to those enrolled in a certain lecture section?

A. Most of the classes with lecture/lab components (or discussion) will still have a primary lecture and then specific labs to choose from depending on which lecture section you choose.  When you enroll, you’ll pick a lecture section and then it will come up with options for the associated lab section.  However, when you are just doing a search for classes, you will see the entire selection of sections.  Here’s how to tell which labs/discussions are associated with which lecture:

–          Lecture sections have section numbers 100X (ex. 1001, 1002).  They also have an “LEC” next to the section number in the search results.

–          Lab/Discussion sections will have a second digit that relates to the lecture section with which they are associated.   They also have an “LAB” or “DIS” next to the section number is the search results.  For example, section 1101 would be a lab associated with the first section of lecture – 1001.  Section 12 01 would be associated with section 1002.