Class Wait List FAQ’s

The wait list function in MyNEVADA is available for all classes. Below are the most frequently asked questions and answers to help you get the most out of MyNEVADA.

How do I find a class with a wait list on the class search?

Keep in mind that the course you are searching for is full.  Be sure to uncheck the “Search for open classes only” box on the course search.

How do I know if a wait list is available for a course?

You will see a yellow triangle on the course description that indicates a wait list is available for a course. You will also be able to look at the class enrollment to also see the number of seats available for the wait list.

How many credits can I wait list for each semester?

You can wait list up to 8 credits per semester.  Please note that you will not be automatically enrolled from a wait list unless you use the Swap feature to exchange for a currently enrolled course.

How do I add my name to a wait list?

To add your name to a wait list for a course, put the course in the enrollment shopping cart.  Once the class is in your cart, check the “Wait list if class is full” check box.  Click the Next button and follow the standard enrollment steps to complete this transaction.

If you do NOT see the “Wait list if class if full” check box, then either 1) the wait list is full or the department is not using wait listing, or 2) you have already wait listed the maximum number of units.

Once you have finished this process, you will see the following message:  “Class ##### is full.  You have been placed on the wait list in position number #.”

What happens if a class I’m wait listed for becomes available and there is a time conflict with another course on my schedule?

You will not be enrolled in the course if it conflicts with another class.  Make sure the time for the course is open to ensure you are enrolled in the course.  If you utilize the Swap feature in the enrollment component, you will be dropped from the class swapped for the wait list course at the same time and enrollment will occur.

How do I add myself to a wait list for a different section of a course that I’m already enrolled in?

If you are already enrolled in a course, but would like to put your name on the wait list for a different or more desirable section of the course, you should use the Swap feature in the enrollment component.

Note: If you do not use the Swap feature and instead simply Add yourself to the wait list of the other section you will not be enrolled when space opens up in the new section because you will still be currently enrolled in the previous section.