Q. My name in incorrect, how do I change it back to the correct version?

A.  Part of the transition to the new system involved a merger of many different databases.  This will allow you change your name in one single location; however, the downside is that if your name was incorrect in another database a one time correction will be needed.

  • Misspelling (including compound names):  Contact Admissions and Records at 784-4700 to correct or email hturk@unr.edu.
  • Former name (if you have already changed your name with Admissions and Records in the past):  Contact Admissions and Records at 784-4700 to correct or email hturk@unr.edu.  Assuming we have the documentation on file, we can correct it easily.

Documentation may be required by NSHE Policy.  If you are or have ever been an employee of the university (including student employee), you will need to make any changes with Human Resources rather than Admissions and Records.

Q. I’m having trouble logging into the system, what do I do?

A.  If you are having trouble logging on to the system, first try the online assistance under “MyNEVADA Login Help“.  If these are not successful, please call the Help Desk at 775/682-5000.

As with any new system, there have been some challenges we are working through to get all users into the system.  Several of the issues we are aware of and working toward a resolution, but please continue to let us know about any error messages you continuously receive when trying to log in.