Fall 2013 Graduation deadline in MyNEVADA has passed

The graduation deadline in MyNEVADA has now passed. In order to apply to graduate for the Fall 2013 semester you will need to fill out the Graduation Application Deadline Appeal form. Please read the instructions before submission as submitting a incomplete form or submitting it too early will result in the request being denied.

If you have any questions regarding your academic standing or whether or not you are eligible to graduate please make an appointment with your advisor.

Wait listing is now available in MyNEVADA

Wait listing is now available for select classes in MyNEVADA. This allows you to get on a list for when a spot in a class opens up. If you meet all requirements of the class you will be automatically enrolled. For further detail please visit the FAQ page for wait lists at http://mynevada.blogs.unr.edu/class-wait-list-faqs/.

Q: How do I view my unofficial transcript in MyNEVADA?

A.  You can now view your unofficial transcript in MyNEVADA by logging and navigating to your Student Center. For full instructions and screen shots of how to view your unofficial transcript please visit the MyNEVADA Help page at http://www.unr.edu/mynevadahelp.

*Please be advised*

Admissions and Records is in the process of validating all transcripts to ensure they are correct in MyNEVADA after the conversion from ePAWS. There is a high volume of transcripts to validate and the process is moving as quickly as possible. If you believe there is an error on your unofficial please be patient as it will be corrected accordingly. All official transcripts will be validated before being processed and sent.

Only current students will be able to see their unofficial transcripts in MyNEVADA. If you are not a current student you will need to submit a Unofficial Transcript Request to Admissions and Records for processing.